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SBN Policy on the Teaching of Evolution in K-12

National business leaders, politicians, and scientists have joined together in recognition of our collective need to reinvigorate science education and our nation's innovation enterprise. Various reports have warned that students in the United States are not being adequately educated in science and mathematics. International assessments of student performance in science continue to show that U.S. students lag behind their international peers. Corporate leaders continue to express concern about their ability to hire scientifically and technically skilled U.S. citizens. In contrast, our economic competitors have recognized that scientific research is the key to their domestic well-being and are making significant investments in education.

It is the responsibility of science educators at all levels to stay well informed and to educate their students on the major principles across all disciplines of science. Evolution is the unifying principle of modern biology. Within biological science, the reality of evolution is not controversial. Thus, literacy in 21st century biological science includes the fundamental concept of evolution.

Discounting and ignoring scientific evidence that one finds counter to their personal belief system is an individual choice. However, it is unacceptable to incorporate religious beliefs into the science curriculum, whether sanctioned by the state or practiced by individual teachers.