Welcome to the new SBN website!
August 13, 2014

Please take some time to look around. The new site has an updated look and new functionality -- search, calendar, submission forms, etc. If you'd like to showcase your research, check out the Member Research Form. Some areas are still under construction, so check back as committees add new material. We also recommend you follow SBN members on Facebook.

Finally, I'd like to thank Jeff Blaustein (SBN President 2011-2013) for prioritizing this project, Todd Ahern, our website chair who pushed the process forward, and the rest of the website committee: Ruth Wood, Jim Goodson, and Geert de Vries. I would also like to thank Marc Cakanic, Wendy Weiser, and the rest of the Weiser team for working so diligently with us. ~ Cheryl Sisk (SBN President 2013 - 2015)