SBN 2021 Annual Meeting Recap
July 7, 2021

2021 Annual Meeting Recap 2021 Virtual Meeting — Statistics

Thank you everyone for attending this year’s meeting! We had a great turnout with 417 registrations. Overall, we had 40 undergraduates, 152 graduate students, 68 postdocs, and 151 regular members. Registrants hailed from over 16 countries! In addition — over 100 new members joined the society! We also had a record number of posters — 182. Thank you again to all of the organizers and speakers for making this such a successful meeting.

Comments on the Non-Scientific Initiatives

This year’s meeting featured several workshops and town halls that were well attended (more than 200 participants! These events often involved some emotional and honest discussions and we are discussing ways to ensure that these discussions continue throughout the year. Our sincere thanks to all of those who initiated these events and the participants who shared there views and experiences.

Professional Development Committee

Tessa Solomon-Lane and Christina Ragan — organized and led the workshop career trajectories through the pandemic and what has virtual teaching taught us?

Elizabeth Becker and Kalynn Schulz — Professional Development committee co-chairs who organized and led the Meet the Professors sessions, assisted with DEI workshops, and organized poster adjudication and awards.

DEI Committee Contributors

Patricia Lopes and Farrah Madison — led and moderated the LISTEN session

Kimberly D’Anna Hernandez — led and moderated the ACTION session

Stephanie Correa and Colin Saldanha — moderated Sexism in the Society Town Hall

Panelists in the Workshop

Career Trajectories Through the Pandemic and What Has Virtual Teaching Taught Us?

Niko Rigney, Laura Cortes, Yesenia Garcia, Will Kenkel, Cat Pena

Panelists for LISTEN Workshop

Courtnie Carr, Mélise Edwards, Laura Cortés, India Nichols, Farrah Madison, Troy Roepke

Panelists for Townhall — Sexism in the Society

Irving Zucker, Anne Etgen

Panelists for Townhall — Sex and Gender

Geert de Vries and Jill Becker, moderators, and panelists Barney Schlinger, Nancy Forger and Peg McCarthy

2022 Meeting — Atlanta Finally!

Mark your calendars and plan to join us in Atlanta for next year’s meeting — June 26 – 30, 2022. The meeting will be held at the beautiful Loew’s hotel, located in the heart of midtown, a vibrant area of Atlanta with lots of beautiful parks and award-winning restaurants. Also start thinking about symposia and speaker ideas!