Publications on Sex and Gender
October 30, 2023

Members of the Society for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology (SBN) conduct research on hormonal modulation of brain and behavior in all animal species. This includes issues related to sex, gender, gender identity and the entanglement of sex and gender. Our society journal, Hormones and Behavior, publishes rigorously peer-reviewed original research as well as scholarly reviews and perspectives on issues of current scientific debate, without adherence to ideology or political agendas. As a scientific society we support the rights of our members, and any members of the scientific community, to publish their work in Hormones and Behavior and expect they will receive the respect afforded to any author of peer-reviewed research, regardless of whether the topic engenders emotional or otherwise non-objective responses from non-experts in the field. Respectful discourse around vitally important and complex topics such as sex and gender is essential for a civil society. Recent publications in Hormones and Behavior have been responded to with inappropriate and inaccurate on-line attacks against the authors and their work. We stand by our scientists and applaud their efforts to advance the conversation around sex and gender in an informed and productive manner.