From the President – Hormones and Behavior, Elsevier and Evise.
January 17, 2017

Members who have submitted manuscripts to Hormones and Behavior in the past year, or who have reviewed manuscripts, may have experienced difficulties using publisher Elsevier’s new online system, Evise, and may have encountered delays in manuscript handling. Others may have heard reports of difficulties from colleagues. The decision to change to Evise was made by Elsevier and all of its many journals are, or soon will be, moved to Evise. Other journals and their authors are also experiencing difficulties with Evise. The Editor-in-Chief of Hormones and Behavior, Kim Wallen, and his Associate Editors have been working very hard to keep Elsevier informed about the problems and the urgent need to fix them. It is important to understand that the problems with Evise and their solutions lie with Elsevier, which created the system. We urge members to be patient during this transition to the new system and to keep those submissions coming!

Elizabeth Adkins-Regan, President