Follow-up on the SBN Webinar: Hormonal Contraceptives and the Brain
June 13, 2022

Did you miss the SBN Webinar: Hormonal Contraceptives and the Brain? Did you attend the webinar but would like to explore this topic further? This webinar included presentations and a panel discussion exploring diverse approaches to studying the effects of hormonal contraceptives (HCs) on brain structure and function from human to animal models, pharmacology to neuroimaging, and basic to clinical science. Speakers included Dr. Patrizia Porcu (National Research Council of Italy), Dr. Caitlin Taylor (UC Santa Barbara), Dr. Nafissa Ismail (University of Ottawa), and Dr. Nicole Petersen (ULCA). Discussion focused on visions for the future, key variables in upcoming research, translating empirical work into the public sphere, and critical analysis of the current state of knowledge.

Access a summary of the speaker’s contributions and discussion points, with linked references

Thanks to the webinar Chair/Moderator, Dr. Kathleen Casto (New College of Florida) for an engaging and thoughtful exploration of this critical topic.