A Message from the SBN President
January 26, 2021

Hi All,

I hope you are all having an excellent New Year. Also, I hope that many of you have been able to start receiving your COVID-19 vaccinations.

I am reaching out at this time with a few announcements.

First, I want to remind everyone to renew your membership in SBN if you have not already done so. As just a reminder, while our annual meeting is certainly a highlight of our society’s work, your annual dues go for so much more. For example, SBN has been affiliated with organizations including the American Institute for the Biological Sciences (AIBS) and Federation of Associations in the Behavioral and Brain Sciences (FABBS). Among other benefits, these groups engage in governmental lobbying that promote science in general and behavioral endocrinology and neuroscience, in particular. In the past we have also aligned with the International Neuroendocrine Federation (INF) who sponsors the International Conference on Neuroendocrinology (ICN) held every four years. Each of these organizations require we pay dues, so our participation depends on your dues payment into SBN itself. The Executive Committee regularly discusses the value of our membership in these organizations to ensure these costs are a solid benefit to our members.

SBN has also worked hard to encourage membership by more junior scientists and have reduced the cost of their dues to achieve this goal. In order to sustain this practice, it requires a sufficient number of regular members be on board with their dues payments.

To review your membership dues status and make any voluntary contributions, visit

Following up on this latter point, I am very pleased to announce that we received (so far) 11 donations of $100 who, in return, received hand-knitted hats from our Immediate Past-President Rae Silver. This money will provide support for 22 URM students or students with financial need. I really want to thank Rae and all of those who made contributions for this worthy cause. We will be sending out instructions soon from the DEI Committee for how students can apply for their “free” membership using these funds.

Let me also add that we are currently assessing the possibility of holding our annual meeting in some fashion this coming summer. We are having discussions with the hotel venue and considering the wisdom of moving forward with an in-person meeting, or not. We will keep you all informed as we make a determination.

Let me just end by saying that I think we can all be optimistic about the future. Call me crazy, but I do think that, in the end, Science will win out over fantasy and untruths. Moreover, as the economy recovers this year, Colleges and Universities will begin rehiring and the job market for our junior scientists will improve. We should all be back in the classroom next Fall and we can once again interact with our students, our colleagues and friends (and our animals) and get back to the work we love.

My best to you all,

Barney Schlinger
President of SBN