Member Benefits

Remember, SBN membership is very important. Below are a few benefits of belonging to SBN:

  • Ours is a welcoming Society, which continues to expand its reach into other fields, which in turn brings more visibility to our field, and to your work.
  • As part of the effort to bring visibility to our field, SBN often invites representatives from federal agencies to speak to our trainees, and we have the opportunity to interact with them informally.
  • SBN represents you in Washington. A portion of your dues pays for our membership in the Federation of Associations in Behavioral & Brain Sciences, a coalition that works tirelessly to influence the powers-that-be concerning the value of our science.
  • Ours is a nurturing Society, which has made support of our trainees a priority.
  • We are working closely with the National Science Foundation on initiatives to broaden participation of underrepresented minority students in our field.
  • We hold a vibrant Annual Meeting (recent locations include the Hotel Maya in Long Beach, California, and the Loews Hotel Atlanta, Georgia). Members receive a discount on registration and through the grants that some of our colleagues apply for, we support travel for quite a large number of trainees.
  • Hormones and Behavior, an Elsevier journal with a five-year impact factor of 4.218, is our journal. The Society chooses the editor, which gives the Society a good deal of influence over its direction. Members receive a discount on subscription rates.
  • Our website provides one-stop shopping for everything behavioral neuroendocrinology, including instructional materials that can be used in your classes.