Annual Meeting

22nd Annual Meeting of the SBN: Joint Meeting with ICN

July 15 - July 18, 2018
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

SBN will be hosting their 2018 Annual Meeting jointly with the ICN

Please visit the ICN2018 website for complete details, registration (opens November 1st), and accommodations information.


SBN Program at the Joint ICN-SBN Meeting

Titles and talks are tentative

The Presidential Lecture will be given by Catherine Dulac and moderated by Rae Silver. Catherine will be discussing her work on maternal behavior.

The Elsevier Lecture will be given by Andrea Gore and moderated by Rae Silver. Andrea will discuss her work on endocrine disruptors.

Sessions will include:

Sex differences in function and survival of neural networks governing cognition and affect
Moderator: Farida Sohrabji
Speakers: Karyn Frick, Elena Choleris, Liisa Galea, Farida Sohrabji

Mind the gap: Bridging the gap from environmental, behavioral, and neuroendocrine mechanisms to early-life adversity
Moderators: Amanda Kentner and Susanne Brummelte
Speakers: Amanda Kentner, Larry Young, Susanne Brummelte, Marsha Campbell-Yeo

Circadian and seasonal changes in brain function and behavior
Moderator: Hanne Hoffmann
Speakers: Annaliese K. Beery, Randy Nelson, Eric Mintz, Lily Yan

Preliminary Program Schedule

For more information, please visit website.