WC Young Recent Graduate Award

Nominations are currently being accepted for the W.C. Young Recent Graduate Award in Behavioral Neuroendocrinology. The deadline for submitting nominations is October 12, 2018.

2017 Award Winner: Ashlyn Swift-Gallant

It is our pleasure to name Dr. Ashlyn Swift-Gallant the 2017 winner of The WC Young Award in Behavioral Neuroendocrinology. Ashlyn earned her undergraduate degree from Brescia University College in London Ontario where she conducted her thesis research on sex differences in emotional memory with Dr. Jennifer Sutton. Following her undergraduate training, she moved to the University of Toronto where she worked with Dr. Ashley Monks on the role of neural and non-neural androgen receptors in male-typical socio-sexual behaviors. Using transgenic mouse models, Ashlyn’s work established that an increase in global androgen receptors influences neural sex differences and sexually differentiated behaviors analogous to loss of AR function. Based on her work in mouse models of sexual differentiation, Ashlyn spearheaded a collaboration with Dr. Doug VanderLaan at University of Toronto to test hypotheses on sexual orientation in humans that emerged from her mouse work. Following her PhD, she moved to Michigan State University to work with Dr. Cynthia Jordan and Dr. Marc Breedlove. For her postdoctoral work Ashlyn is examining the role of the accessory olfactory system and the Trpc2 gene in sexual differentiation while she continues her translational work on sexual orientation in humans.

Past Winners of the WC Young Recent Graduate Award

Year Winner
2017 Ashlyn Swift-Gallant
2016 James Burkett
2015 Samuele Zilioli
2014 Aubrey Kelly
2013 Bridget Nugent