WC Young Recent Graduate Award

Initiated 2013 Awarded to a post-doc (Announced annually in Fall/Winter)


Nominations are currently being accepted for the W.C. Young Recent Graduate Award in Behavioral Neuroendocrinology. The deadline for submitting nominations is January 20, 2020.

2018 Award Winner: Jeremy C. Borniger, PhD

Jeremy Borniger graduated from Indiana University - Bloomington as an undergraduate with a major in Biological Anthropology and a minor in Medical Sciences. After taking a year off doing fieldwork in Uganda, he continued onto graduate school in neuroscience. As a graduate student, he has published work on how tumors affect central regulation of sleep and wakefulness. His research suggested that changes in sleep architecture in tumor-bearing mice were caused by changes in leptin and sensitivity to ghrelin, which in turn affect the activity of hypocretin (a.k.a orexin) neurons in the lateral hypothalamus. This set of discoveries has opened a new way of thinking on how peripheral signals modulate sleep and metabolism and may lead to new interventions to treat fatigue and other symptoms in cancer patients.

Jeremy is currently conducting postdoctoral studies at Stanford in Dr. Luis de Lecea’s lab. His research project crosses the disciplines of systems neuroscience, cancer biology and neuroimmunology. As a BRAIN Initiative post-doctoral scholar, he is investigating the bidirectional pathways between the brain and periphery, focusing on how breast and lung cancer alter sleep, immunity, and metabolism.

Past Winners of the WC Young Recent Graduate Award

Year Winner
2018 Jeremy C. Borniger, PhD
2017 Ashlyn Swift-Gallant
2016 James Burkett
2015 Samuele Zilioli
2014 Aubrey Kelly
2013 Bridget Nugent