Travel Awards applications will require a brief description of the significance of the work to behavioral neuroendocrinology and the applicant's contribution to it. Travel Award applicants must also provide a short justification of the need for financial assistance to attend the meeting, including an explanation of other sources of available funds. Faculty mentors should be asked to prepare a letter of recommendation that will be directly uploaded to the website.

2013 Travel Award Winners


Nina LT So, University of Virginia School of Medicine

Graduate Students

Nora H Prior, University of British Columbia
Jessica L Bolton, Duke University
Jennifer Lymer, University of Guelph
Andrea L Liebl, University of South Florida
Joelle B Thorpe, McMaster University
Sarah E Racine, Michigan State University
Christina L Nemeth, Emory University
Daniel M Vahaba, University of Massachusetts
Aurore L Seredynski, University of Li├Ęge

Post Doctoral Fellows

Mary K Holder, University of Massachusetts
Yoav Litvin, The Rockefeller University