Travel Awards applications will require a brief description of the significance of the work to behavioral neuroendocrinology and the applicant's contribution to it. Travel Award applicants must also provide a short justification of the need for financial assistance to attend the meeting, including an explanation of other sources of available funds. Faculty mentors should be asked to prepare a letter of recommendation that will be directly uploaded to the website.

2012 Travel Award Winners


Ellen DeGennaro, Vassar College
Emily Starr-Phillips, Smith College

Graduate Students

Kalpana Acharya, Kent State University
Adriene Beltz, University of Pennsylvania
Catherine Jensen, Columbia University
Tracy Bedrosian, Ohio State University
Kathleen Castro, James Madison University/Emory
Kimberly Cox, University of Virginia
Melanie Jouhanneau, University of Tours, France
Mariam Okhovat, University of Texas, Austin
James Walton, Ohio Sate University
Margaret Bell, Michigan State University
Jenna McHenry, Florida State University
David Piekarski, University of California, Berkeley
Eila Roberts, University of Michigan/Yale
Tessa Solomon-Lane, Georgia State University

Post Doctoral Fellows

Joseph Oberlander, Dartmouth College
Danielle Stolzenberg, University of Virginia