Poster Awards

Poster Award applications will require a brief description of the significance of the work to behavioral neuroendocrinology and the applicant's contribution to it. In addition, applicants must list where the work was conducted (whether it was in an undergraduate, graduate or postdoctoral position), and whether that is the same or different than the position they will have when attending the meeting.

2008 Poster Award Winners


Loretta Y. M. Lau, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of British Columbia.
Metabolism of DHEA in zebra finch brain: Subcellular localization of 3Beta-HSD


Elaine Murray, Center for Neuroendocrine Studies, University of Massachusetts, Amherst.
Epigenetic control of sexual differentiation of the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis of mice.

Amnon Katz, Department of Physiological Science and Lab of Neuroendocrinology, University of California/Los Angeles.
Sex differences in cell proliferation, glucocorticoid responsiveness and metabolism in the adult zebra finch brain

2nd Runner-up:
Casey Henley, Department of Zoology, Michigan State University.
Neonatal estrogen treatment masculinizes the partner preference of female laboratory rats


Siddarth Ramakrishnan, Department of Physiology, UCLA School of Medicine.
Effect of male exposure on the electrophysiology of terminal nerve (TN)-GnRH neurons of female medaka fish (Oryzias latipes)

Stefan Leitner, Department of Behavioral Neurobiology, Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, Seewiesen, Germany.
Endocrine disruption increases song complexity and the volume of the brain area HVC in a songbird