Initiated 2006 Awarded to a Senior Scientist (announced annually in Summertime)

Nominations are not currently being accepted for the Daniel S. Lehrman Lifetime Achievement Award in Behavioral Neuroendocrinology. Please check back.The deadline for submitting nominations is February 15, 2020.

2020 Award Winner: Emilie Rissman, PhD

Dr. Emilie Rissman is highly deserving of the Daniel S. Lehrman Award, demonstrating outstanding, impactful research and scholarship in multiple areas of behavioral neuroendocrinology, long-standing service and leadership in the field, and exceptional mentoring of trainees at all career stages. Emilie is a visionary scientist with important research contributions ranging from unraveling endocrine and neural control of reproductive behavior to identifying genetic underpinnings of social and cognitive behaviors as well as identifying the effects of endocrine disruptors on brain and behavior. She has published over 180 peer-reviewed articles and given more than 130 invited research talks at conferences and academic institutions. As a testament to her expertise in behavioral neuroendocrinology, Emilie has served on the editorial board of 9 journals, including Associate Editor for Endocrinology. Emilie has also been an active leader and dedicated advocate for SBN. Indeed, she was one of the three original founder members of the society, spearheading the development of the organization. She has held many prominent leadership positions within SBN, including Executive Secretary, Treasure, and President, as well as Chair of the Program Committee for the annual meeting. Perhaps most importantly, Emilie has been a valued and dedicated mentor to all members of her lab and an exemplary role model for women in science. Her passion for training and supporting her mentees is unwavering and lasts far beyond their time in her lab. Emilie has also been, and continues to be, an outstanding collaborator, colleague, and mentor to other investigators in the field.

Past Winners of the Lehrman Lifetime Achievement Award

Year Winner
2020 Emilie Rissman, PhD
2019 Elizabeth Adkins-Regan
2018 Jeff Blaustein
2017 Jacques Balthazart
2016 Randy Nelson
2015 Rae Silver
2014 Michael J. Baum
2013 Alison Fleming
2012 David Crews
2011 Donald Pfaff
2010 Art Arnold
2009 Lyn Clemens
2008 Arnie Gerall
2007 Irv Zucker
2006 Jay Rosenblatt